You might be thinking “brain waves? isn’t that something superman uses to read minds?” It may seem like that at first, but in actual fact it is something much closer to reality than science fiction.

Brain waves are a natural process and occur as a result of millions of neurons sending electrical signals to each other all at the same time, which creates a considerable amount of energy.

This phenomenon was first recorded by Hans Berger, a psychiatrist who was known for inventing electroencephalography (EEG) which is a scientific method used to observe brain wave activity and the distinct frequencies they produce.

These waves are formed when our mind reacts to mental, emotional and physical changes in our environment.

A great example would be when trying to focus on the road while driving and looking out for obstacles that might be in the way, this would increase your brain wave frequency so that you were more aware of what was going on around you.

But say for instance you then got stuck in traffic and had to wait there for a long time, your brain wave frequency would then decrease allowing you to cope with that particular situation.

Here is an explanation of the main brain wave states and an outline of their characteristics:

Alpha Wave State

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  • Medium frequency band – 8 Hz to 12 Hz
  • Associated with activities such as sleeping or meditation
  • Can cause drowsiness and an inability to focus if unbalanced
  • Relaxation can be achieved when balanced
  • Usually stimulated with the use of alcohol, cannabis and other relaxants

Whenever you get that feeling of calmness, when your finally able to sit down and take the world off your shoulders, it has a lot to do with entering an alpha wave state.

Thoughts become unblocked are able to flow through your mind and you gain the ability to experience a different state of being.

Generally, you are in “idle mode”, but a lot of other things begin to happen even though it seems like you are doing nothing at all.

In fact studies suggest that while in this condition, your creative and artistic skills tend to become greater since you mind is able to deal with fresh unaltered information right from your imagination!

Beta Wave State

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  • High frequency band – 12 Hz to 40 Hz
  • Associated with high energy levels, quick thinking and socialising
  • Can cause anxiety, over excitement and stress if unbalanced
  • Alertness, sharp focus and good memory can be achieved when balanced
  • Use of caffeinated drinks and other stimulants can cause this state

Have you ever been so hyped up and energetic that you felt like you could take on anything that came your way?

That could have a lot to do with an increase in beta waves. These waves are responsible for the never ending awakened feeling you get after drinking too much coffee and the adrenaline rush you get when your about do your first skydive.

Apart from a traumatic experience with a simple beverage, this wave state can help you to maintain focus while completing tasks such as cooking in a busy kitchen and can also enable you to think rapidly in stressful circumstances.

Delta Wave State

Image result for delta waveform

  • Very low frequency band – 0 Hz to 4 Hz
  • Associated with deep, regenerating sleep especially in young children
  • Can cause insufficient healing of the brain and body during sleep if unbalanced
  • Will promote a healthy immune system and adequate restoration of the brain and body when balanced
  • Deep sleep mainly causes this state

These waves play a huge role when it comes to the growth and repair of the body while asleep.

It is during this time various hormones are released to support different processes in the body like the popular human growth hormone (HGH) which boost muscle strength, decreases obesity and gives you an overall better mood when you wake up.

There are also multiple psychological benefits to be gained while in this state. A heightened sense of empathy is a very amazing one, this allows you to really get in touch with others emotions by being able to realise how they feel at that exact moment without them even telling you.

Developed intuition is another interesting one.

Have you ever got the feeling that you know something is about to happen before it actually does?

Have you ever got that feeling not to go in a certain direction at night?

Well that would be your intuition at work which is kind of like your body’s natural way of helping you do in the right thing at the right time or to avoid a certain danger.

Gamma Wave State

Image result for gamma waveform

  • Very high frequency band – 30 Hz to 90 Hz
  • Associated with mass processing and linking information in the brain
  • Can cause depression, ADHD and learning disabilities if unbalanced
  • Allows you to process large quantities of information and improves cognitive functioning when balanced
  • Achieved through practices such as meditation

Do you remember those times you had to study for a really important maths test? Having to figure out many strange things like how a letter can equal a number and how a symbol represents a shape, well it has a lot to do with gamma waves.

The same way detectives try to piece together clues from a crime scene is the same as you trying to find the link between those seemingly impossible equations.

In this state, your overall intelligence gets ranked up and your senses begin to work together better. You are able to perceive more about the world around you and have a much better perspective of your reality.

Theta Wave State

Image result for theta waveform

  • Low frequency band- 4 Hz to 8 Hz
  • Associated with emotions, daydreaming and creativity
  • Can cause emotional problems, hyperactivity and impulsive behaviour when unbalanced
  • Can improve psychological abilities when balanced
  • Human interactions, spiritual practices like yoga and some phases of sleep can cause this state

Also known as “the state of emotional awareness” theta waves have been related to our subconscious mind

They are especially stronger in children since they tend to be more “free spirited” and are less vulnerable to the stresses daily life may throw at us, so are able to become more sensitive to their environment.

A spike in theta waves are said to cause the spiritual and supernatural experiences people have, like lucid dreaming and out of body experiences. They are also very important in enhancing our many “psychic” abilities like telepathy, clairvoyance, intuition and many more.

Even though our environment has a huge affect on which one of these states we go into, if we learn how to control it and use it to our advantage, then who knows what we can achieve.

This video may give you a great idea 

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Written by David.M

Sharing unique and meaningful information has always meant a lot to me, by doing so it helps others to reach new heights in there lives and opens doors of opportunity for them to discover more about themselves and the world around them


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