Just the thought of a cold shower gives you the chills. Although it may sound like something you would do as a last resort if you ran out of hot water, there is a lot more it can do for you other than make you feel like an ice cube.

If you can face your fears and stand up to the challenge of changing your comfortable yet restricting cleanliness routine, then there are some remarkable benefits you can experience.

Eases Muscle Pain And Soreness

If your either a gym lover who likes to do intense workouts till you can’t feel your limbs or an office worker who sits at their desk until you unable to move your neck from left to right.

The fact is we have all put our bodies through some difficulty and had to deal with the unwanted agony of painful muscles.

Unlike hot water, cold water causes your blood vessels to constrict, which reduces the swelling that makes your muscles tender to the touch.

It also improves the elimination and build up of waste products like lactic acid which causes the burning sensation you feel when you have sore muscles.

This all contributes to giving you satisfying relief of your aches and pains.

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Enhances You Hair And Skin

If your someone who is accustomed to heat styling your luscious head of hair, then you may notice that it can get very dry and rough.

Well hot water has the same affect on both your hair and skin. This is because the heat from the water removes the natural oils on our body very quickly which leaves our hair and skin vulnerable to the environment.

On the other hand, cold water leaves these natural oils intact allowing our hair and skin to retain its moisture and preventing it from dying out.

Not only that, cold water secures the hair cuticles and the pores on your skin stopping them from becoming blocked which prevents imperfections such as spots or blackheads.

Cold water also causes your hair follicles to become flattened giving your hair a shinier appearance while also making it stronger and less prone to damage.

Wakes You Up

We’ve probably all experienced this scenario at some point in our life.

You wake up in the early hours of the morning and can barely open your eyes, thinking of the struggle you have to go through to get ready, then finally you make the decision to get out of bed, after pressing the snooze button about 10 times, then partially sleep walk to the bathroom and stand there unconsciously, holding a toothbrush.

One of the best ways to release you from this hypnotic state is to have a cold shower.

The feeling of the cold water on your skin shocks your body and make you respond in a way similarly to if you were to take a ride on a roller coaster, except the effect happens instantly.

We experience increased blood flow throughout our entire body and our breathing increases drastically, giving us the much needed energy to wake ourselves up.

Improves Blood Circulation

When our body experiences the effect of cold water, blood starts flowing more to the internal organs in order to prevent us from losing too much body heat.

This allows our organs to work a lot better because they able to receive a higher quantity of blood.

This can lower blood pressure since our heart is able to pump blood more effectively around the body and can help clear blocked arteries.

Promotes Fertility In Men

It has been proven that men who expose their testes to too much heat risk lowering their sperm count and can lead to infertility.

It is scientific fact that the male testicles are naturally at a lower temperature than the rest of the body in order to conserve sperm, so it would be a wise idea to keep it that way.

Did you know, men who bathed regularly in hot water for 3 weeks made them infertile for the next 6 months!

Thankfully, by changing this habit and reducing the temperature of the water you use, will not only prevent this and help protect your sacred seeds, but will also increase the possibility of conception.

Saves You Money

Heating water requires a lot of energy. If you decided to switch up your routine and opt for cold showers, you could save a great amount of money on your energy bills.

The average home uses approximately 330 litres of water every day and about 15% of a typical households energy bill is just from heating hot water for showering, bathing and general use from taps.

If you were to cut down this percentage by reducing your hot water usage, it could make a big difference to how much you pay for your bills, and the money you save from that could be put towards other important things in your life.

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Written by David.M

Sharing unique and meaningful information has always meant a lot to me, by doing so it helps others to reach new heights in there lives and opens doors of opportunity for them to discover more about themselves and the world around them

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